Mount St John has taken out life insurance for all horses offered at the online auction. The respective contract passes on to the buyer as legal successor with the acceptance of the final bid. 

The insurance premium will be settled with the final auction settlement.  

The insurance cover ends 60 days after acceptance of the bid, however, the buyer shall be entitled to extend the contract at his own expense.  This covers the insurance of the mares, not the unborn embryos but cover is to the value of the knock down price. 

Additional cover for unborn embryos can also be acquired by separate agreement directly with the insurer after a winning bid.  The details are specified in the auction conditions of Horse Life Insurance which are published online on the auction website.   

Catherine de Buyl Horse Insurance SA is the worldwide leader for sport horse Insurance, approved coverholder at Lloyd’s of London.

Being in the horse field for more than 30 years has definitively helped us to fulfil expectations of horse owners, breeders and riders by providing them the best insurance coverage in the market.

Catherine de Buyl Horse Insurance can provide full coverage from the conception of the horse to its retirement, without any limit of value, no matter its use or where the horse is located in the world.

Our unborn foal insurance

• Loss of the foetus during the pregnancy

• Loss of the foetus due to the death of de dam

• Loss of the foetus during the foaling

• Loss of the foal up to 120 days after the birth

insured value is doubled for free after receipt of the birth certificate established 48 hours after the birth of the foal up to the end of the 120th day after birth.

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